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Digital transformation in the healthcare industry.

%68 of deaths are due to chronic diseases. Unfortunately, people are earlier caught disease due to some reasons such as irregular nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, unawareness, missed opportunities for earlier diagnosis. Otherwise, people are not effectively treated. In this point, existing technology is insufficient. That’s why Hygeai must become a part of this process. Hygeai is an application which is easy, 24/7 accessibility for individuals and takes its source from artificial intelligent technology.
Hygeai application aims to improve quality of life and survival rate of 92 out of every 100 people by using symptom identification and individualized psychological therapy.

Let’s try Hygeai.


Coming Soon on Playstore&Appstore

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The Team

Mustafa Akıllı

Software Developer

Kaan Çağrı Gürel

Medical Process Manager

Başak Çoban

R&D Manager
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Privacy Policy Updated: November 4th, 2018 All Eyezero Platforms Your information is not linked to you in any identifiable way. It is de-identified and anonymous. Eyezero only sees your activity within the conversation between you and Eyezero. Conversations with Eyezero are not shared with any other company or service. We will never sell or give… Read More

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We hope that this demo site will help you improve your health, feel better and take care of yourself as your personal medical advisor. If there are missing something or if there’s anything you need, please do not feel free to contact us.  

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1- Hygeai platformunda kısıtlı sayıda hastalık bilgisi yer almaktadır. Güncellemeler devam edecektir.

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Hygeai üzerinden veri girisi yaparak saglık bilgilerine ulasmak artık mümkün. Chatbot daha güncel bilgilerle karsınızda olmaya devam edecek.

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